Ochlandra beddomei Gamble


Height : 10-12m

Diameter : 3-4cm

Culm Color : Green

Internode Length : 15-17cm

Culm Sheath Color : 11 cm long and 3.5 cm broad, deciduous, glabrous and with a shortlanceolateblade, progressively smaller towards the culm apex, blade reflexed horizontally.

Length of Leaf : 10-14cm

Breadth of Leaf : 1.5-2.5 cm

Shape of Leaf : oblong, lanceolate

Habitat, Distribution,Uses

Description of Inflorescence and Flower : short terminal spicatepanicle on leafy branches or on leaflessnodes. Spikelets clustered, 2-3.5 cmlong, sub cylindric, covered withscattered, stiff bulbous-based, brown hairs. Bracteate 2-4, empty glumes 2, basal ovate, often long mucronate at apex, many-nerved, hirsute, outer glume 2cm long, linear, longer than the inner flower, 1-1.5 cm in fruit; flowering glume ovate-lanceolate, mucronate, 2.8 cmlong, many-nerved; glabrous, in flower, 2.3-3 cm long in fruit. Palea membranous, lanceolate-subobtuse, shorter thanthe flowering glume, 2.6 cm in flowers, in fruits 3 cm long. Lodicules 5, narrowly elongate, 2 lodicules bipartite at theapex 2-2.5 cm and 0.2-0.4 cm, 2-5-nerved, glabrous. Stamens many, exerted, filaments free; anthers narrow, 1.2-1.6 cmlong, bifid at apex, mucronate. Ovary glabrous, sub-orbicular, beak of the perigynium produced into an angular stylarsheath enclosing the style which is terminated by 6 plumose whitish stigmas.

Flowering Reported : KFRI, Peechi(1992)

Uses: Construction, pulp and paper, baskets, mats

References: Seethalakshmi K. K ,1998

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