Dendrocalamus asper (Schult.) Backer

Arundarbor aspera Rumph. , Arundarbor bifung (Schult.) Kuntze , Arundo aspera (Schult.f.) Oken

Sweet bamboo (English), Rough bamboo, Thaitama Bans (Sikkim)


Culms : Caespitose

Height : 20-30m

Diameter : 8-20cm

Culm Color : Green

Internode Length : 40-50cm

Culm Sheath Color : Deciduous, 40-50cm long , pale-green, pubescent, with dark brown hairs, with 7 mm high auricles, ciliate on shoulders with 5 mm long hairs imperfect blade linear, narrower than sheath, reflexed,25cm long, 35mm wide , acuminate ligule 7-10mm high, fimbriate.

Length of Leaf : 15-30cm

Breadth of Leaf : 10-25mm

Shape of Leaf : lanceolate

Altitude : 1000m

Soil : Heavy textured soils

Habitat, Distribution,Uses

Introduced to : Tropical Asia, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Malesia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Srilanka, Australia

Native to : South-east Asia

Description of Inflorescence and Flower : Bractiferous, clustered at the nodes, in globose clusters,dense,with glumaceous subtending bracts,with axillary buds at base of spikelets, prophyllate below lateral spikelets, leafless between clusters. Spikelets elliptic, laterally compressed, 6-9 mm long, 4 mm wide, breaking up at maturity, disarticulating below each fertile floret rhachilla internodes suppressed between florests glumes persistent, shorter than spikelet lemmas ovate, 8 mm long, charactaceous, without keel pubescent, margins ciliate, hairy above, apex acuminate, palea charataceous, 4-7 veined, 2- keeled but the uppermost without keels, keels ciliate, pubescent, hairy on back and on margins. Lodicules absent, anthers 6, 3.5 mm long , tip smooth.

Flowering Cycle : 100 years

Flowering Reported : Uttar pradesh(1950-56), Orissa (1967), Madhya pradesh(1961-63), Dehra Dun, Goa (2010)

Propagation : Seeds, rhizome planting, culm cutting

Uses: Construction, pots, baskets, edible shoots, furniture, tooth picks

References: Ohrnberger D,1999; Rao A.N,1999; Manual for establishment and management of bamboo plantations, march 2005; Naithani H.B, 2011

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