Dendrocalamus sahnii H.B. Naithani Bahadur


Culms : Caespitose

Height : 3m

Diameter : 2-3cm

Culm Color : Green

Internode Length : 8-20cm

Culm Sheath Color : 15-20 cm long and 8.5-10 cm broad, glabrous and shining inside, rough with scattered stiff brown hairsoutside, truncate at the top; blade 2-2.5 cm long, bifid, ovate-lanceolate; ligule dentate or fimbriate, 3-5 mm long.

Altitude : 1800m

Habitat, Distribution,Uses

Introduced to : Arunachal pradesh

Description of Inflorescence and Flower : longpanicle; heads at intervals of 5-9 cm, 2-3 cm diameter, globose, glabrous, bractsscarious. Spikelets densely arranged, 8-15 mm long and 4.5-5 mm broad, emptyglumes 2, ovate, keeled, nerved, ciliateon keels and margins; lemmas 10 x 8 mm,orbicular, thin, many-nerved, ciliate onthe margins; palea 1 cm long, bifid oracute at the apex, 2-keeled, ciliate on thekeels. Stamens 6, as long as the palea;anthers yellow with a short hairy pointat apex. Ovary conical, hairy; style long;stigma single and hairy.

Flowering Reported : Arunachal pradesh(1982)

References: Seethalakshmi K. K ,1998

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