Dendrocalamus parishii Munro

Dendrocalamus hookeri var. parishii (Munro) Blatt., Sinocalamus parishii (Munro) W . T. Lin.


Habitat, Distribution,Uses

Native to : Himachal pradesh

Description of Inflorescence and Flower : panicle of interrupted, globose, densely-flowered heads, the rachis pruinose-glaucous at the apex. Spikelets ovate, somewhat blunt, nearly glabrous, flattened 0.7-1 cm long and 0.7 cm broad, fertile flowers 2-3; glumes 1-2, ovate-acute, many-nerved, ciliate on the edges and very minutely pubescent near the apex; lemmas similar to glumes but glabrous, those of upper flowers mucronate, longitudinally and transversely nerved, ciliate on the edges paleas ovate, blunt, emarginate, 2-keeled, ciliate on the keels and edges, 2- nerved between the keels, that of uppermost flower more acute and not keeled. Stamens not exserted; anthers with the connective produced in an obtusely acute point. Ovary hairy, ovoid-globose, ending in a long style and feathery stigma.

References: Seethalakshmi K. K ,1998

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