Dendrocalamus collettianus Gamble


Habitat, Distribution,Uses

Native to : Myanmar

Description of Inflorescence and Flower : large compound panicle with spicate branchlets bearing heads of spikelets; heads 1-2 cm in diameter with 6-12 fertile spikelets and a few sterile spikelets with small ovate bracts; the rachis flexuose, pubescent, striate, joints about 2 cm in length. Spikelets 1-1.5 cm long, white pubescent, soft; fertile flowers 2-4 with 1 imperfect terminal flower; flowering glume ovate-lanceolate, shortly mucronate, pubescent, many-veined; paleas longer than flowering glume, blunt, 2-veined between the keels, with long white ciliae on the keels. Stamens exserted; anthers rather short, bluntly apiculate. Ovary narrowly ovoid, stalked, hairy, produced upwards into a narrow hairy style with club-shaped purple stigma.

References: Seethalakshmi K. K ,1998

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