Davidsea attenuata (Thwaites) soderstr. & R.P. Ellis

Bambusa attenuata Thwaites , Teinostachyum attenuatum (Thwaites) Munro


Height : 8-9m

Diameter : 1.5- 2.5cm

Culm Color : ight green with a white blush

Culm Sheath Color : When young maroon towards the summit and pale green below, covered with scattered appressed white hairs, thick at the base and leaving a girdle upon abscission of the sheath, strongly tessellate on the inner surface blade tardily deciduous, horizontal to slightly reflexed, as long as the sheath, linear-lanceolate, up to 8.5cm long, 1cm wide,the margins twisted towards the base, apex acuminate,inrolled,pointed,glabrous on the lower surface,the upper surface with sparse long hairs intermixed, the long hairs becoming dense towards the apex inner sheath ligule truncate, membraneous 2mm long with a denticulate margin, glabrous on both surfaces, lateral appendages small,with a few white oral setae,outer sheath ligule absent.

Length of Leaf : 40cm

Breadth of Leaf : 30cm

Shape of Leaf : lanceolate

Habitat, Distribution,Uses

Introduced to : Endemic to Srilanka, Sultan Battery, Wyanad and Kottiyoor, Kannur, Kerala, part of Western Ghats

Description of Inflorescence and Flower : Inflorescence as pseudospikelets terminating in leafy branches or occuring on short leafless branches clustered at the nodes internodes of the flowering branches flat below and becoming thickened upward.Pseudospikelets sessile,1-2 cm long, subtended and at first covered by a firm, persistent,many nerved, glabrous bract, ciliate on the lower margins,otherwise glabrous prophyllum gemmiferous,8 mm long, obtuse at the apex, the 2 keels winged,ciliate,with the interkeels concave, nerveless, the lateral flanges each with 2 or 3 nerved and glabrous gemmiferous bracts (glumes) 2 or 3,bracts ciliate on the margins, many-nerved,glabrous.spikelets consist of 1 empty glume and several florets,only the lowermost one develops fully, the other one or two depauperate, followed by an empty lemma and or a terminal empty lemma, the rachilla extension short, 1-2 mm long, not disarticulating,glume single,11mm long, the margins ciliate,otherwise glabrous,apiculate,13 nerved,lemma 14mm long, glabrous, apiculate, firm,16 nerved,with transverse veinlets, tighty convolute, enclosing the palea and flower palea thin, shorter than the lemma, with an obtuse tip,ciliate on the 2-keeled, otherwise glabrous,with one nerve between the keels and 1 in each lateral flank,lodicules 3,2.4mm long,obovate and pointed at the tip, the two anterior broader than the single posterior, thin,many-nerved,stamens 6, the filaments free, anthers yellow,2 mm long, basifixed, shortly apiculate, ovary tubular, glabrous,gradually narrowing upwards,style long flat divided in to 3 shortly-plumose sti

References: Muktesh kumar M.S, 2011

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