Arundinaria racemosa Munro

Arundinaria gammieana Gamble, Fargesia racemosa (Munro) T.P.Yi., Sarocalamus racemosus (Munro) Stapleton

Sanu maling, pummoon, pat-hioo (Sikkim), Miknu, mikner (Lepcha and Bhutia)


Height : 4 m

Diameter : 5 cm

Internode Length : 11 cm

Culm Sheath Color : 6 cm long, ca. 2.5 cm broad at base, striate, chartaceous, pubescent and narrowed towards the tip; imperfect blade ca. 1.5 cmlong, narrow, ciliate on the margin, acute at the tip; auricles bristly; ligule ca. 2 mm long, fimbriate.

Length of Leaf : 10 cm

Breadth of Leaf : 1 cm

Shape of Leaf : linear-lanceolate

Habitat, Distribution,Uses

Introduced to : North-East Himalaya, East Nepal and Sikkim

Description of Inflorescence and Flower : axiliary panicleon leafy branches; rachis glabrous, with3 spikelets; spikelet ca. 3.5 cm long, with 4-8 florets on glabrous pedicels, upper most floret empty; rachilla ca. 5 mmlong, clavate, pubescent with tuft of hairs below the flowers; empty glumes 2, very small, ovate, acuminate, papery,hairy at the tip; outer glume ca. 4 x 1 mm, 3-nerved; inner glume ca. 5 x 2.5 mm, 5-nerved; lemma ca. 10 x 4 mm, ovate,tip long- acuminate, ciliate, margin minutely ciliate, brownish- red, 9-nerved; palea shorter than lemma, ca. 8 mm long,tessellate, 2-keeled, ciliate on the keels, tip bimucronate and ciliate; lodicules 3, ovate-lanceolate, acute, ciliate,5-nerved, ca. 2 mm long, one shorter. Stamens 3; anther ca. 4.5 mm long, bilobed, basifixed, tip-bifid, acute, yellow;filament ca. 1 mm long; ovary ca. 1 mm long, ovoid-oblong, glabrous, orange in colour; style undivided, short; stigmas 3,plumose.

Flowering Cycle : 30 years.

Flowering Reported : Sikkim in 1857, 1887, 1890, 1892, and 1897.

Propagation : clumps and rhizome cuttings

Uses: Construction, mats, fencing, fodder

References: Seethalakshmi K. K ,1998

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