Dendrocalamus giganteus Munro

Bambusa gigantea Wall., Sinocalamus giganteus (Munro)

Giant Bamboo (English); Worra (Assam); Maroobob (Manipuri); Bhaloo bans (Sikkim).


Culms : Clumping

Height : 24-30m

Diameter : 20-30cm

Culm Color : Dull green

Internode Length : 35-40cm

Culm Sheath Color : 30-50 cm long and broad, falling early, hard, smooth, shining within, dull yellow and coveredwith dark-brown hairs on the back; ligule 8-13 mm high, stiff, dark, serrate; auricles prominent, brown, crisped; blade13-38 cm long and up to 9 cm broad, spreading at right angles, stiff, acuminate, edges inflexed. Young shoots coneshaped, pinkish brown, glabrous, glaucous green on maturity; auricles very small or absent; blades sharply pointed,generally reflexed. Leaves variable in size, in main culm up to 50 cm long and 10 cm broad, oblique, oblong, acuminate,smooth above, hairy beneath; petiole 3-5 mm long; ligule 2-3 mm high, serrulate; auricle small, glabrous.

Length of Leaf : 50cm

Breadth of Leaf : 10cm

Shape of Leaf : lanceolate

Altitude : 1200m

Soil : Rich alluvial soils

Habitat, Distribution,Uses

Habitat : Tropical high-lands

Introduced to : Arunachal Pradesh,Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal(India), Indonesia,China

Native to : Myanmar

Description of Inflorescence and Flower : huge panicle with long slendercurved branchlets, bearing lax headsof few spikelets; heads upto 2.5 cmdiameter, rachis joints 1.2-2.5 cm ormore slender, hairy below, whitescurfyabove, often curved, furrowedon one side. Spikelets 1.2-1.5 x 7.8mm, minutely pubescent, somewhatflattened, ovate acute, spiny, manyflowered;empty glumes 1 to 2, ovate,mucronate, elongate; floweringglumes thin, papery, striate, manynerved,mucronate, minutely hairy;palea of lower flowers 2- keeled andciliate on the keels, of upper flowersusually not keeled and glabrous.Stamens with long filaments;anthers 7.5-10 mm long, acuminateat the tip. Ovary ovoid, hairy; stylelong, hairy, ending in a featherypurple stigma.

Flowering Cycle : 40 years

Flowering Reported : West Bengal (1980-88), North-Eastern India (1974,1981-82)

Propagation : Culm cuttings, tissue culture

Uses: Construction, Pulp and paper, Vases, Boat masts, Buckets, Water pitchers, decoration

References: Seethalakshmi K. K ,1998, Ohrnberger D,1999

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